Academic Programs

Title Program type
Accounting Bachelor Program
Accounting MINOR
Applied Chemistry Master Program
Applied Statistics Master Program
Arab and Muslim History Master Program
Arabic Language and Literature Bachelor Program
Arabic Language and Literature Master Program
Arabic Language and Literature MINOR
Arabic Music Bachelor Program
Architectural Engineering Bachelor Program
Audiology and Speech Therapy Bachelor Program
Biochemistry MINOR
Biology Bachelor Program
Biology MINOR
Business Administration Bachelor Program
Business Administration MINOR
Business Administration Master Program
Business Economics Bachelor Program
Chemistry Bachelor Program
Chemistry MINOR
Civil Engineering Bachelor Program
Clinical Laboratory Science Master Program
Community and Public Health Master Program
Community Psychology Master Program
Computer Engineering Bachelor Program
Computer Science Bachelor Program
Computer Science MINOR
Computing Master Program
Contemporary Arab Studies Master Program
Democracy and Human Rights Master Program
Doctor of Pharmacy Bachelor Program
Economics Bachelor Program
Economics Master Program
Economics MINOR
Education Master Program
Electrical Engineering Bachelor Program
Electrical Engineering Master Program
English Language and Literature Bachelor Program
English Language and Literature MINOR
Environmental Biology Master Program
Executive Business Administration Master Program
Finance and Banking Bachelor Program
Finance and Banking MINOR
French Language Bachelor Program
French Language MINOR
Gender and Development Studies Master Program
Geography Master Program
German Language Bachelor Program
History MINOR
Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Master Program