The Vice President for Planning & Development

V.P. For Planning & Development

The office of Planning and Development is responsible for overseeing and reporting on the quality and consistency of the university provisions and outputs and the efficiency and efficacy of the university processes in achieving its mission.

The office P&D is led by the Vice President of Planning and Development who oversees the following activities within the institution and their alignment with the IEM: 

  • Strategic planning and related action plans development and implementation against institutional  and operational performance indicators;
  •  Alignment of policies, procedures and organizational charts with internal/external audit reports and recommendations;
  •  Efficient utilization of human, physical and financial resources within the institution;
  •  Continuous enhancement of academic provisions based periodic self-assessment and review;
  •  Efficacy of information and databases in meeting planning and decision-making requirements;
  •  Reporting on Institutional Effectiveness 

Contact Information

Almutasem  Abu Daqa

Unit Head

Internal Ext.: 2129


Tasks and responsibilities

The unit is responsible for all data mining and research at institutional level or any of its parts to ensure quality and consistency. It maintains a compendium of statistics and databases on university activities, resources and performance to support periodic reviews and inform institutional planning, policy formulation and monitoring and evaluation. It reports on institutional and operational performance indicators against identified benchmarks and standards.

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Tasks and Responsibilities

Ahmad Abed

Head Unit

Internal Ext.: 5606


The unit is responsible for managing university wide repository on polices, regulations, and operation procedures and their continual review and development. It assists in enhancing effectiveness by improving business processes amongst university units and departments. The unit also manages university spaces, facilities and resources and oversees the employment of information technology to enhance university performance.



Contact Information

Tasks and Responsibilities

Noor Fardaneh                
Unit Manager

Internal Ext.: 2142

The M&EU supports the university’s strategic objectives and ensures that all benchmarks and standards of quality are met through uniform and timely robust monitoring and evaluation of the quality assurance and enhancement processes. The M&EU role is to oversee the implementation of the developed quality framework and keep it under review. In particular,  the unit oversees the  processes of self-assessment and review of academic programs and the development and implementation of evidence based assessment in cooperation with IRU and I&PU and monitors the implementation of the improvements recommended n the findings.

Nabil Dabdoub

Internal Ext.: 2131



Assistant to the Unit Manager


Contact Information Tasks & Responsibilities 

George Yerousis

Unit Manager

Internal Ext. 5633


  • The unit provides an open innovation platform for students, faculty, and staff to create and work on new ideas and design and implement initiatives that bolster the university’s entrepreneurial environment. 
  • Implementation of the Leadership and Active Citizenship program that aims at enhancing students’ capacities to meet the rigorous demands of university education, boost their growth into good and active citizens and facilitate their education-to-work transition.
  • Planning and coordination of the annual career fair and reception and orientation of new students.
  • Enhance and advance career services’ activities including the development and maintenance of the student e-recruitment platform.
  • Coordinate with Technopark’s administration so as to develop Birzeit University’s meaningful cooperation with Technopark and formulate the subsequent terms of reference that would support BZU’s efforts to foster innovation.

Suhair Morar

Internal Ext. 5192


Labor market coordinator

Riham Fawadleh

Internal Ext. 5072